5 Worst Ways to Lose Weight

5 Worst Ways to Lose Weight

You might’ve heard that snacking in between meals can boost your metabolism. However, inserting your hand into that Ziploc bag one too many times can result in a few extra inches on your waistline. To avoid a snacking faux pas, practice portion control by always measuring out serving sizes in advance and avoid eating straight from that giant bag of bean crisps you bought at Costco.

2 You Go to the Gym Early
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We’re commending you for sticking to a consistent workout regimen, but when you choose a kickboxing class over an extra hour of sleep too often, you may be undoing those hard-earned weight loss wins. A study in the European Society of Endocrinology found that “metabolically healthy, sleep-deprived human subjects prefer larger food portions, seek more calories, exhibit signs of increased food-related impulsivity, experience more pleasure from food, and expend less energy.”

3 You Give Up Fruits Because They Have Sugar
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Don’t fret: You won’t gain weight from eating fruits (in moderation, of course). The natural dietary fiber in fruits helps balance your blood sugar, making grapefruits, strawberries, and cherries sweet choices for slimming down.

4 You Opt for Egg Whites
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Although the egg yolk contains more calories than the egg white, the yellow orb also packs in 43 percent of the egg’s total protein as well as metabolism-stoking nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids and—most significantly—choline, a powerful compound that attacks the gene mechanism that triggers your body to store fat around your liver.

5 You Keep Up Your Alcohol Habit
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When it comes to happy hour, red wine may be your best bet. Unfortunately, just like with other alcohol, it’s relatively easy to go overboard and pour with a heavy hand, racking up cals quickly. Make sure you stick to the recommended five-ounce serving to reap the antioxidant benefits without widening your waistline.

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